In stressful times it’s easy to lose track of who you really are. If you’re at all like me, when external pressures build I stop feeling creative, and I don’t feel like I have the time to comfort myself or do good self-care.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. It is normal to sometimes feel lost, scared, or frustrated. It is normal to want to do something but not know what to do.

You don’t have to go it alone. A little bit of guidance and community can go a long way to helping you get back on track.

Join me and other seekers for 31 days of creativity, comfort, and care, so you can rediscover your own brilliance, become more comfortable, and take better care of yourself.

Who am I? My name is Laura Packer. I’m a coach, storyteller, writer, and consultant. I’ve spent my entire working life helping people tap into their creativity, building comforting and safe environments, and guiding seekers to develop sustainable self-care practices. I believe everyone has something special to offer, but we can’t pursue it until we know we are nourished, comforted, and cared for. This program is my offering to the world to help everyone be who they want to be in the healthiest ways possible.

I developed 31 days of creativity, comfort and care so more people can benefit from my work at a lower cost, and so I can share what I’ve learned with the world. My friend and coaching client Ruth, a teacher, mom of two, and jewelry artist was actually the one who suggested I launch this program. She said my ideas and support helped her find footing in a really busy life, and asked if I could find a way to package it so more people could access this work. I am very grateful for her suggestion.


Together we will explore creativity and rest, comfort for ourself and others, and what radical self-care means for each of us. Once you sign up you’ll get 31 days of emails with a daily suggestion to either spark creativity, comfort yourself and others, or take care of yourself in profound and effective ways. You’ll also get a daily extra that might be stories, poems, images, links to resources, or something silly for a smile. A typical email will include one of the following:

  • Creativity prompts may be a new way to look at the world, a writing prompt, a gentle challenge to try something new (or old! When did you last color with crayons?), or something else to help you access your own creative self;
  • Comfort suggestions such as a question to help you find comfort, a thought to help you discern what you or another might need in the moment, or an invitation to sink deeper into the present moment and find comfort where you are;
  • Care guidance and offerings include meditations, grounding suggestions, some hints for specific kinds of care, or a useful story for you or another;
  • A daily extra to make you smile or give you a bonus resource.

You decide how much or little you want to do, there is no judgement or requirement to do anything. It’s up to you and you keep the emails forever.

If you sign up for bonus features you’ll also have access to monthly pathfinding calls, a 40+ page workbook available nowhere else, and more.


Once you sign you you’ll get access to a private Facebook community where you can share your journey with fellow travelers and find extra resources not available elsewhere. This group is a private, non-judgmental space where you can safely share your thoughts and get support.

You’ll meet people from around the world who are committed to bringing more creativity into their lives, understand that comfort is necessary and important, and know that self care might be a bubble bath, a good cry, a kick-boxing session, or something new and radical. Each person is at their own place in 31 days–some are just starting out and some finished months ago–and everyone is welcome.

Is This For Me?

If you’ve read this far then you’re probably wondering if 31 days is really for you. Let me tell you about past participants Ann and Ken who joined 31 days in mid-2020. Ann is a self-employed artist while Ken is an electrical engineer. They both love their work but it can sometimes be all-consuming and they felt as if there wasn’t much room for their relationship let alone time for personal growth. All of this was compounded by their efforts to be COVID-safe. They signed up for 31 days of creativity, comfort, and care because they wanted something that wasn’t a huge time commitment that they could do together yet would still help them grow as individuals. By the time they were done, Ken discovered a creative streak he didn’t know he had while Ann reconnected with her creative passion. They learned how to comfort themselves and how to communicate their needs for comfort to each other. Finally, they each discovered new tools for self-care and were able to support each other more effectively.

While 31 days is not a couples’ therapy program and is designed for individuals, their powerful shared experience helped convince me that I needed to open this for more people.

While I can’t predict what you’ll get out of 31 days, I do know it’s been powerful, effective, and fun for the people who stick with it. If you have questions about how this may work for you, please feel free to send me an email.


31 days of creativity, comfort, and care is designed to be accessible to just about everyone.

For only $31 you’ll get:

  • A welcoming email to help you navigate the program easily and comfortably;
  • An email-a-day for 31 days with nourishing advice to support your creativity, help you notice when you need comfort and get the comfort you need, and guide you to replenishing self-care;
  • Coaching discounts;
  • Access to our exclusive 31 days Facebook group;
  • And occasional downloadable PDF worksheets.

For only $101 you’ll get everything above plus these bonuses:

  • Access to monthly pathfinding Zoom calls with me and other bonus  participants, where we brainstorm solutions, offer companionship, and discover new paths to creativity, comfort, and care;
  • A downloadable 40+ page PDF 31-days workbook available nowhere else;
  • Deeper coaching discounts;
  • And more great surprises!

People who already support me on Patreon have discounts based on support level. You can find out more and sign up here.

Sign Up

It’s easy to sign up. Just fill out this form then pay via PayPal, Venmo, or credit card using the links in your sign up confirmation email and you’re ready to go. If you opt-in for bonus material, expect an additional email with information about monthly pathfinding meetings, your 31 days PDF and more.

You can give 31 days as a gift, too! Just full out the gift options in the sign-up form.

I’m really excited about this program and look forward to meeting you soon.

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      Basic includes 31 emails, access to our Facebook group, and coaching discounts. Bonus includes the above plus monthly group pathfinding Zoom calls, a PDF workbook, and deeper coaching discounts. Patreon supporters will receive an email with more info once their support has been confirmed. Whichever tier you choose, you'll get your welcome email within 24 hours of completing this form with payment links, and your 31 days emails will start to come once we confirm your payment. Thank you!

If you have any questions, if you’d like to know more about the program or about me, please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!